2015 Best Single Blogs

The internet is rife with opportunities. That and also blogs written by experts to cater to the growing needs of a single person. Together with humor, witty, and insightful articles, these top blog sites are guaranteed to keep anyone interested!

Without further ado, here are the top 8 blogs for singles in 2015.

And That’s Why You’re Single

A site devoted to helping people create and sustain happy relationships, Christian Marashio had been writing for this site for more than 10 years. She uses deeper words in order to connect with her readers in a more valuable communication. By helping her followers grasp their true intentions and motivations when it comes to relationships. The blog was originally created to serve as a discussion forum that is open to anyone seeking honesty and advice on the whole dating scene.

Social Clout: 10,300+ Twitter followers; 320+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @ATWYSingle

URL: andthatswhyyouresingle.com

Singles Warehouse

For those sick and tired of being single, Singles Warehouse should be your comfort site. It is dedicated to provide its readers with dating debauchery, mishandled emotions and social sass. Exploding as one the more famous blogging sites, they have doctors and professionals writing for them.

Social Clout: 39,160+ Facebook likes; 18,600+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @Singlewarehouse

URL: singleswarehouse.co.uk

The Single Woman

World-renowned speaker, Mandy Hale, contributes to The Single Woman an empowering set of articles that promotes healthy single-living. She challenges woman to live on their own and settle for no one or for nothing. Named “Woman of Influence” by Nashville Business Journal and the Huffington post as “Twitter Powerhouse,” she is truly a sensational writer that inspired so many to live a single life.

Social Clout: 849,870+ Facebook likes; 596,000+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @TheSingleWoman

URL: thesinglewoman.net

Single Girl Blogging

If you’re searching for single-savvy advice, witty, and sarcastic articles regarding single life, Single Girl Blogging would surely hit the spot! She hilariously writes about the single life is definitely worth following. She had been featured in viral websites such as Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, and YourTango. Those who are trying to make the most out of their single life can enjoy the dry wit and random anecdotes of this “single girlie.”

Social Clout: 8,135+ Twitter followers; 260+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @singlegirlie

URL: singlegirlblogging.com

The Single Life

This blog dedicated to singles also invites romantic veterans to discuss the different dynamics of dating. Included in Austin’s Top 5 dating and Relationship bloggers, the author is widely known to provide too much information on her end. This bitter and single girl shares personal experience – stories that will keep you laughing and interested- through her blog. Visit it and it’s not a choice you would regret. Guaranteed!

Social Clout: 965+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @OhHeyAnj

URL: thissinglelife.com

Single With an Attitude

A different take on the dating scene, Single with an Attitude does not attack nor criticize those who are in relationships. They don’t even offer strategies or tips on how to combat singleness or loneliness, their main point is how to deal with being single. The blog’s common goal is to attract those who wish to embrace life, rather than hate it.

Social Clout: 60+ Facebook likes

URL: singlewithattitude.com


One of the most premiered blogs of love and single life in NYC, this top blog is famous for giving advice in both single people and for those who are in relationships. Her blog is definitely a must read for those who want to read about how single women everywhere reacts.

URL: newyorkcitygal.com

Single Girl Survival Guide

Those seeking the solitude of somewhat a reference guide in being single, you may have just found your solace. Though not written by an expert but rather by an individual who’s new to dating and haven’t found the right one yet, this witty and hilarious book summarizes up singleness. It is the ultimate support group for single women everywhere.

URL: newyorkcitygal.com