best-datesIf you’ve gone through the first, second, even third date at your local restaurant, maybe it’s time to reconsider that you guys are moving up in your relationship. However, asking them to go somewhere else that doesn’t seem to fit your current situation (looking at it, you guys aren’t totally together yet you aren’t strangers.) Well, what if a simple out of the way just seems awkward, or even yet, boring. Take the edge off and leave the thinking to us.

Here goes 10 date ideas for when you want to start on the right foot.

Breakfast Date

Ditch the conventional dinner. When going out to dinner, you are stuck with a bunch of choices such as what restaurant to book, choice of appetizers, wine, dessert, what time can she stay out, etc. All those things are too complicated, and yet you aren’t even officially dating!

Instead, opt to go to a breakfast date. Go for some pancakes or sandwiches and your good to go. You can even choose to just buy to-go orders then take a relaxing stroll somewhere.

Lastly, when you’re having dinner, you’re forced to sit across each other and try to be as formal as possible. When going on breakfast dates, you can be as silly as you want and still know about each other. Plus, there’s the advantage of wearing shorts and sandals to your date. Kudos!

Museum or Art Gallery

Awkward silences are the death trap of any date. Running out of things to talk about is what dwindles down the tension of a date. So, the solution? Always have something to talk about. If both of you fancy a little bit of history, go to a museum where you can talk about all the little tools and trinkets there. If you’re not so much a fan of the past, try an art gallery. Either way, you’d both become more cultured and will have one lasting memory of your first date.

See a Band

Say you’re not really the chit-chat type of person. Speaking to the other makes you nervous. And yet, silence makes the both of you uncomfortable. Then go see a local band.

Their music would not only stray away the silence, it would also be great to hang out with the crowd.

Go for a walk

Nothing beats the romantic walk. Take a stroll down your local park or by the beach. You wouldn’t have to worry about spending much, except for maybe ice cream, plus you’ll get to talk most of the way. Besides that, you’ll also be exercising and get to admire the scenery.

The zoo

Let’s face it. Everyone loves animals. Not necessarily animals, but there is bound to be one animal that anyone wouldn’t hate. If you’re the type of person that would enjoy watching animals do neat tricks or simply waddle around their cage, the zoo is a safe bet for the two of you.

Also, there wouldn’t be any awkward situations. Because, really, how can you not giggle and entertained to see penguins?

Go bowling or play pool

Enough said. Both of you will have fun. If you do know how to play, maybe you could teach one another. If not, learning something together on a first date is a sure way of having some memories together.

Work out together

If your both fitness buff, taking a jog or going to the gym together might be suitable for you guys. Or if you want to try something sexier, you guys could try boxing.

Volunteer together

Support a good cause or something. Caring for others together shows that you guys are also ready to take care of each other. Also, it’s nice to give back something in return to the needy.


Ditch the cinema and go to a live performance instead! You’ll both be entertained by how the actors swoon you off your feet. It’s also an original, sophisticated, and thought provoking performance that you would both enjoy.

That and you could easily rent a DVD which you can watch later on. Witnessing these kinds of performances boosts both your sophistication and your knowledge of the performing arts.

Do something crazy

Whether it’s to go bungee jumping or sky diving on the first date, it’s bound to turn into something extraordinary. Especially with someone new, experiencing something crazy or out of your way is bound to keep yourself to a good start! 

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